A = => acceleration
A = => adjust
A = => automatic
A bracket = timon (m.)
A pillar = montant (m.) de baie
A pillar = montant (m.) de pare-brise
A pillar = pied (m.) avant
A post = montant (m.) de baie
A post = montant (m.) de pare-brise
A post = pied (m.) avant
A-arm axle = essieu (m.) à triangles
A-ELR = => automatic emergency-locking retractor
AA = => angle of attack
AAC = => automatic airconditioning
AAC = => auxiliary air control
AAC = => average annual costs
AAP = => auxiliary acceleration pump
AAR = => automatic air recirculation
AAS = => air-adjust screw
AAS = => auto-adjust system
AAT = => ambient-air temperature
AAV = => anti-afterburn valve
AB = => airbag
ABC = => automatic body control
ABD system = => automatic brake-differential system
ABDC = => after-bottom dead center
ABDC = => after-bottom dead centre
ABF = => automatic body framing
ability = aptitude (v.)
ability = pouvoir (m.)
ABLD system = => advanced brake-light system
abnormal = anormal
abnormal = excessif
abnormal wear = usure (f.) excessive
abrade = décaper
abrade = abrade
abrade = dresser, meuler
abrasion resistance = résistance (f.) à l'abrasion
abrasion resistance = résistance (f.) à l'usure
abrasive = produit (m.) abrasif
abrasive = substance (f.) abrasive
abrasive cloth = toile (f.) abrasive
abrasive cloth = toile (f.) éméri
abrasive cutting-off wheel = disque (f.) à décaper
abrasive cutting-off wheel = disque (f.) à meuler
abrasive cutting-off wheel = meule (f.)
abrasive disc = disque (m.) abrasif
abrasive disk = disque (m.) abrasif
abrasive machine = meule (f.)
abrasive machine = meuleuse (f.)
abrasive machine = rectifieuse (f.), touret (m.) de meulage
abrasive paper = papier (m.) abrasif
abrasive paper = papier (m.) de verre
abrasive paper = papier (m.) éméri
abrasive resistance = résistance (f.) au frottement
abrasive stem file = lime (f.) carborundum
abrasive stone = meule (f.)
abrasive wheel = disque (f.) à décaper
abrasive wheel = disque (f.) à meuler
abrasive wheel = meule (f.)
ABS = => abstract
ABS = => acrylo nitrile butadiene styrene
ABS = => anti-block
ABS = => anti-lock brake system
ABS = => anti-lock brake system
ABS = => anti-lock braking system
ABS control light = témoin (m.) de défaut du système d'antiblocage
absolute error = erreur (f.) absolue
absolute humidity = humidité (f.) de l'air absolue
absolute pressure = pression (f.) absolue
absolute value = valeur (f.) absolue
absolute zero = zéro (m.) absolu
absorb = absorber
absorb = amortir
absorb = aspirer absorb : aspirer
absorbent = absorbant (m.)
absorber = amortisseur (m.)
absorption = absorption (f.)
absorption capacity = absorptivité (f.)
absorption coefficient = coefficient (m.) d'absorption
absorption coefficient = facteur (m.)
absorption muffler(Am.) = silencieux (m.) à absorption
absorption silencer = silencieux (m.) à absorption
absorptive = absorbant (m.)
absorptivity = absorptivité (f.)
abstergent = épuration (f.)
abstergent = filtrage (m.)
abstergent = purge (f.)
ABSV = => air-bypass solenoid valve
abtersion = nettoyage (m.)
abutment = portée (f.) d'appui
abutment = portée (f.) de support
abutment = surface (f.) de portée
abutment pressure = contrepression (f.)
abutment pressure = pression (f.) d'attaque
abutting surface = face (f.) d'appui
abutting surface = surface (f.) d'emboîtement
ABV = => air by-pass valve
AC = => across corners
AC = => air cleaner
AC = => air conditioner
AC = => air conditioning
AC = => alternating current
AC-DC = => alternating-current dual-current
ACC = => accessories
ACC = => active cruise control
ACC = => adaptive cruise control
ACC = => automated cruise control
ACC = => automatic-climate control
ACC = => adaptive cruise control
ACC = => automatic-clutch control
ACCEL = => acceleration
ACCEL = => accelerator
accelerate = accélérer
accelerated idle speed = ralenti (m.) accéléré
accelerated idle speed = ralenti (m.) élevé
accelerated idle speed = ralenti (m.) rapide
accelerated motion = mouvement (m.) accéléré
accelerating ability = pouvoir (m.) d'accélération
accelerating capacity = capacité (f.) d'accélération
accelerating jet = gicleur (m.) d'accélération
accelerating performance = performance (f.) d'accélération
accelerating pump = pompe (f.) d'accélération
accelerating pump = pompe (f.) de reprise
acceleration = accélération (f.)
acceleration capacity = capacité (f.) d'accélération
acceleration from dead stop = accélération (f.) au démarrage
acceleration from dead stop = zoom (m.)
acceleration jet = gicleur (m.) d'accélération
acceleration performance = performance (f.) d'accélération
acceleration ping = cliquetis (m.) à l'accélération
acceleration power = aptitude (f.) à l'accélération
acceleration power = puissance (f.) d'accélération
acceleration pump = pompe (f.) d'accélération
acceleration pump = pompe (f.) de reprise
acceleration skid control = antidérapeur (m.) automatique
acceleration time = temps (m.) d'accélération
acceleration-pump nozzle = gicleur (m.) de pompe d'accélération
accelerator = accélérateur (m.)
accelerator = pédale (f.) d'accélérateur
accelerator = pédale (f.) de gaz
accelerator cable = câble (m.) d'accélérateur
accelerator cable = câble (m.) de commande du papillon
accelerator lock = blocage-sûreté (m.) d'accélérateur
accelerator pedal = accélérateur (m.)
accelerator pedal = pédale (f.) d'accélérateur
accelerator pedal = pédale (f.) de gaz
accelerator pump = pompe (f.) d'accélération
accelerator pump = pompe (f.) de reprise
accelerometer = accéléromètre (m.)
acceptance = homologation (f.)
accepted tolerance = tolérance (f.) acceptée
accepted tolerance = tolérance (f.) d'acceptation
access = accès (m.)
access = admission (f.)
access = entrée (f.)
access balcony = chambre (f.) d'alimentation
access hole = orifice (m.) d'accès
access hole = ouverture (f.) d'accès
accessibility = accessibilité (f.)
accessories = accessoires (m.
accessories = pl.)
accessories = garnitures (f., pl.), organes (m., pl.)
accessory = accessoire (m.)
accessory box = récepteur (m.) de cartes
accident = accident (m.)
accident analysis = étude (f.) des accidents
accident prevention = prévention (f.) des accidents
accident-data recorder = lecteur (m.) de collision
ACCUM = => accumulator
accumulation = accumulation (f.)
accumulation = empilage (m.)
accumulation = logement (m.)
accumulation of heat = accumulation (f.)
accumulator = accumulateur (m.)
accumulator = batterie (f.) d'accumulateur
accumulator battery = accumulateur (m.)
accumulator battery = batterie (f.) accumulateur
accuracy = exactitude (f.)
accuracy = précision (f.)
accuracy = régularité (f.)
accuracy in size = exactitude (f.) de mesurage
accuracy of measurement = exactitude (f.) de mesurage
accuracy of reading = exactitude (f.) de lecture
accuracy of reading = précision (f.) de lecture
ACDT = => accident
ACE = => active cornering enhancement
acetone = acétone (f.)
acetylene = acétylène (m.)
acetylene burner = bec (m.) à acétylène
acetylene-oxygenium burner = chalumeau (m.) oxacétylénique
ACG = => alternating-current generator
acid (adj.) = acide
acid (subst.) = acide (m.)
acid density = densité (f.) d'acide
acid number = indice (m.) d'acidité
acid number = indice (m.) de neutralisation
acid resistance = résistance (f.) aux acides
acid tester = acidimètre (m.)
acid tester = densimètre (m.)
acid tester = pèse-acide (m.)
acid value = indice (m.) d'acidité
acid value = indice (m.) de neutralisation
acid vapor = vapeur (f.) d'acide
acid vapour = vapeur (f.) d'acide
acid-proof = anti-acide
acid-proof = résistant à l'acide
acid-proof = résistant aux acides
acid-proof grease = graisse (f.) neutre
acid-resistant = anti-acide
acid-resistant = résistant à l'acide
acid-resistant = résistant aux acides
acidity = acidité (f.)
acidometer = acidimètre (m.)
acidometer = densimètre (m.)
acidometer = pèse-acide (m.)
ACIS = => acoustic-control
Ackermann steering = direction (f.) Ackermann
ACL = => air cleaner
ACL = => automatically adjustable shock absorber
acorn nut = écrou (m.) à capuchon
acorn nut = écrou (m.) à chapeau
acorn nut = écrou-capuchon (m.), écrou-chapeau (m.)
acoustic = acoustique
acoustic = audible
acoustic = sonore
acoustic alarm = avertissement (m.) acoustique
acoustic baffle = caisse (f.) acoustique
acoustic baffle = chicane (f.) de système d'échappement
acoustic power = puissance (f.) acoustique
acoustic reproduction = reproduction (f.) sonore
acoustic signal = signal (m.) acoustique
acoustic source = source (f.) de bruit
acoustic vibration = vibration (f.) acoustique
acoustic vibration = vibration (f.) sonore
acoustic wave = onde (f.) du son
acoustic wave = onde (f.) sonore
acoustic wear indicatr = indicateur (m.) d'usure acoustique
ACRS = => air-cushion restraint system
acrylic enamel = laque (f.) acrylique
acrylic enamel = vernis (m.) acrylique
acrylic glass = verre (m.) acrylique
acrylic paint = laque (f.) acrylique
acrylic paint = vernis (m.) acrylique
acrylic resin = résine (f.) acrylique
acrylic-resin enamel = vernis (m.) à résines acryliques
ACS = => automatic clutch system
ACSD = => automatic cold-start device
ACSD = => auxiliary cold-start device
ACT = => air-charge temperature
action = action (f.)
action = manoeuvre (f.)
action = mouvement (m.)
activated carbon = carbone (m.) actif
activated carbon = charbon (m.) actif
activation time = periode (f.) d'activation
activation time = temps (m.) d'activation
active = actif
active braking time = période (f.) de freinage
active carbon = carbone (m.) actif
active carbon = charbon (m.) actif
active catalyst surface = surface (f.) active du catalyseur
active flank = face (f.) active
active safety = protection (f.) active
active safety = sécurité (f.) active
active TRAC = => active traction control
ACTS = => air-charge temperature sensor
ACTS = => automatic clutch-and-throttle system
actual = effectif
actual = normalisé
actual actuation = commande (f.) à main
actual actuation = commande (f.) manuelle
actual dimension = cote (f.) effective
actual dimension = dimension (f.) effective
actual operation = réglage (m.) à main
actual operation = réglage (m.) manuel
actual power = puissance (f.) utile
actual power = puissance (f.) disponible
actual power = puissance (f.) effective
actuate = actionner
actuate = commander
actuate = contrôler, opérer
actuating cam = came (f.) de commande
actuating cylinder = vérin (m.)
actuating device = dispositif (m.) de commande
actuating device = dispositif (m.) de réglage
actuating force = force (f.) d'actionnement
actuating force = force (f.) de la commande
actuating fork = fourchette (f.) de la commande
actuating mechanism = mécanisme (m.) d'actionnement
actuating mechanism = mécanisme (m.) de commande
actuating pin = doigt (m.) d'entrainement
actuating rod = barre (f.) de commande
actuating rod = bielle (f.) de commande
actuating rod = tige (f.) de commande
actuating switch = commutateur (m.) de commande
actuating switch = sélecteur (m.) de commande
actuation = actionnement (m.)
actuation = commande (f.)
actuation = excitation (f.), service (f.)
acute angle = angle (m.) aigu
ACV = => air-control valve
AD = => active damping
AD = => analogue/digital
ADA = => active driver assist
ADA = => auto-directional antenna
ADAC = => analog-digital-analog converter
ADAC = => analogue-digital-analogue converter
adapt = adapter
adapt = ajuster
adaptability = aptitude (f.)
adaptability = plasticité (f.)
adaptation = adaptation (f.)
adaptation = modulation (f.)
adaptation = fiche (f.) d'adaptation
adapter = adapteur (m.)
adapter = connecteur (m.) intermédiaire
adapter = fiche (f.) d'adaptation
adapter cable = câble (m.) d'adaptation
adapter cable = câble (m.) intermédiaire
adapter nipple = douille (f.) de réduction
adapter nipple = raccord (m.) fileté
adapter sleeve = manchon (m.) de réduction
adaptive wheel-slip control = antidérapeur (m.) automatique
adaptive wheel-slip control = régulateur (m.) du glissement à la traction
adaptor = adapteur (m.)
adaptor = connecteur (m.) intermédiaire
adaptor = fiche (f.) d'adaptation
adaptor cable = câble (m.) d'adaptation
adaptor cable = câble (m.) intermédiaire
adaptor nipple = douille (f.) de réduction
adaptor nipple = raccord (m.) fileté
adaptor sleeve = manchon (m.) de réduction
ADB = => advanced-design bus
ADB = => automatic differential brake
ADC = => analogue-digital converter
ADD = => automatic-disconnection differential
add-on part = accessoire (m.)
addendum angle = saillie (f.) de dent
addendum circle line = cercle (m.) de couronne
addendum circle line = cercle (m.) de tête
addendum flank = flanc (m.) actif
addendum flank = flanc (m.) de saillie
addendum modification = déport (m.)
adder = mécanisme (m.) de compteur
adder = minuterie (f.)
addition = additif (m.)
additional = additionnel
additional = complémentaire
additional = supplémentaire
additional air = air (m.) additionnel
additional air = air (m.) auxiliaire
additional air = air (m.) supplémentaire
additional brake = frein (m.) de parking
additional brake = frein (m.) de stationnement
additive = agent (m.)
additive = composé (m.) d'addition
additive = produit (m.) additif
adhere = adhérer
adhere = coller
adherence = pouvoir (m.) adhésif
adherence = pouvoir (m.) d'adhérence
adhesion = adhérence (f.)
adhesion = adhésion (f.)
adhesion coefficient = coefficient (m.) d'adhérence
adhesion coefficient = coefficient (m.) de friction
adhesion force = force (f.) d'adhérence
adhesion layer = sous-couche (f.)
adhesion power = force (f.) d'adhérence
adhesion resistance = résistance (f.) d'adhérence
adhesive (adj.) = adhésif
adhesive (adj.) = collant
adhesive (subst.) = adhésif (m.)
adhesive (subst.) = colle (f.)
adhesive (subst.) = kit (m.)
adhesive joint = joint (m.) collé
adhesive sealant = joint (m.) liquide
adhesive tape = bande (f.) adhésive
adhesive tape = bande (f.) collante
adhesive tape = scotch (m.)
adiabatic = adiabatique
adiabatic curve = adiabate (f.)
adiabatic curve = courbe (f.) adiabatiue
adiabatic expansion = détente (f.) adiabatique
adjust = ajuster
adjust = jauger
adjust = mettre au point, régler
adjust the valves = régler les soupapes
adjustable = ajustable
adjustable = orientable
adjustable = réglable
adjustable anti-roll bar = stabilisateur (m.) réglable
adjustable back rest = dossier (m.) à inclinaison variable
adjustable back rest = dossier (m.) inclinable
adjustable clamp = borne (f.) à vis
adjustable clamp = collier (m.) à vis
adjustable clamp = pince (f.) à tôle
adjustable head rest = appui-tête (m.) réglable
adjustable head rest = repose-tête (m.) réglable
adjustable lumbar support = appui (m.) lombaire réglable
adjustable monkey spanner = clé (f.) réglable
adjustable monkey spanner = clé (f.) universelle
adjustable monkey wrench = clé (f.) réglable
adjustable monkey wrench = clé (f.) universelle
adjustable resistor = résistance (f.) réglable
adjustable resistor = résistance (f.) variable
adjustable resistor = rhéostat (m.)
adjustable seat = fauteuil (m.) réglable
adjustable seat = siège (m.) réglable
adjustable shock absorber = amortisseur (m.) réglable
adjustable spanner = clé (f.) anglaise
adjustable spanner = clé (f.) réglable
adjustable spanner = clé (f.) universelle
adjustable spoiler = aileron (m.) ajustable
adjustable spoiler = aileron (m.) réglable
adjustable steering column = colonne (f.) de direction réglable
adjustable steering wheel = volant (m.) adaptable
adjustable steering wheel = volant (m.) réglable
adjustable wrench = clé (f.) anglaise
adjustable wrench = clé (f.) réglable
adjustable wrench = clé (f.) universelle
adjuster bolt = boulon (m.) de montage
adjuster bolt = boulon (m.) de réglage
adjuster bolt = vis (f.) d'arrêt
adjuster screw = vis (f.) de mise au point
adjuster screw = vis (f.) de réglage
adjusting = coupure (f.)
adjusting = réglage (m.)
adjusting = régulation (f.)
adjusting bolt = boulon (m.) de montage
adjusting bolt = boulon (m.) de réglage
adjusting bolt = vis (f.) d'arrêt
adjusting bush = manchon (m.) de réglage
adjusting cam = came (f.) d'usinage
adjusting device = appareil (m.) d'ajustement
adjusting error = erreur (f.) d'ajustement
adjusting mark = marque (f.)
adjusting mark = repère (m.)
adjusting mark = trace (f.)
adjusting mechanism = mécanisme (m.) d'ajustage
adjusting mechanism = mécanisme (m.) de réglage
adjusting nut = écrou (m.) d'ajustage
adjusting nut = écrou (m.) de réglage
adjusting pin = goupille (f.) cylindrique
adjusting pressure = pression (f.) d'ajustage
adjusting range = gamme (f.) d'ajustage
adjusting range = régime (m.) d'ajustage
adjusting range = régime (m.) de réglage
adjusting ring = anneau (m.) d'écartement
adjusting ring = anneau (m.) de poussée
adjusting ring = anneau (m.) de adjusting lever : levier (m.) de réglage, manette (f.) régulatrice
adjusting ring = anneau (m.) de centrage
adjusting ring = bague (f.) de centrage
adjusting ring = demi-segment (m.)
adjusting screw = vis (f.) de mise au point
adjusting screw = vis (f.) de réglage
adjusting shim = cale (f.) de tarage
adjusting shim = rondelle (f.) de tarage
adjusting sleeve = douille (f.) de réglage
adjusting sleeve = douille (f.) de régulation
adjusting spreader = goujon (m.) de pression
adjusting spreader = téton (m.) de pression
adjustment = ajustage (m.)
adjustment = ajustement (m.)
adjustment = réglage (m.), régulation (f.)
adjustment device = dispositif (m.) d'ajustement
adjustment knob = bouton (m.)
adjustment marking = repère (m.) d'ajustage
adjustment marking = repère (m.) de réglage
adjustment mechanism = mécanisme (m.) d'ajustage
adjustment mechanism = mécanisme (m.) de réglage
adjustment nut = écrou (m.) d'ajustage
adjustment nut = écrou (m.) de réglage
adjustment pin = goupille (f.) cylindrique
adjustment pressure = pression (f.) d'ajustage
adjustment ring = anneau (m.) de centrage
adjustment ring = bague (f.) de centrage
adjustment ring = demi-segment (m.)
adjustment screw = vis (f.) de mise au point
adjustment screw = vis (f.) de réglage
adjustment shim = cale (f.) de tarage
adjustment shim = rondelle (f.) de tarage
adjustment spring = ressort (m.) antagoniste
adjustment spring = ressort (m.) compensateur
adjustment spring = ressort (m.)
ADL = => automatic door lock
admissible = admissible
admissible = autorisé
admission = admission (f.)
admission = entrée (f.)
admit compressed air = gonfler
ADP = => automatic data processing
ADR = => accident-data recorder
ADS = => adaptive damper system
adsorb = adhérer
adsorb = adsorber
adsorption = adhérence (f.)
adsorption = adhésion (f.)
ADV = => advanced development vehicle
advance (subst.) = avance (f.)
advance (subst.) = avancement (m.)
advance (subst.) = progrès (m.)
advance (verb) = avancer
advance angle = angle (m.) d'avance
advance opening = admission (f.) anticipée
advanced = avancé
advanced ignition = allumage (m.) avancé
advanced ignition = pré-allumage (m.)
advanced ignition = temps (m.) d'avance
advanced injection = avance (f.) de l'injection
advanced injection = injection (f.) avancée
advanced injection = pré-injection (f.)
advancement = avancement (m.)
advancement = progrès (m.)
advantage = avance (f.)
adverse wind = vent (m.) contraire
adverse wind = vent (m.) de face
adverse-weather light = phare (m.) antibrouillard
adverse-weather light = projecteur (m.) antibrouillard
advice = instruction (f.)
AE = => automotive engineering
AEI = => advanced electronic ignition
aerate = mettre sous pression
aerate = ventiler
aeration = aérage (m.)
aeration = aération (f.)
aeration = ventilation (f.)
aerial connection = borne (f.) d'antenne
aerial pick-up = bruit (m.) d'antenne
aeriform = fluide
aeriform = gazeux
aerodynamic = aérodynamique
aerodynamic body = caisse (f.) aérodynamique
aerodynamic body = carrosserie (f.) aérodynamique
aerodynamic drag = résistance (f.) à l'air
aerodynamic drag = résistance (f.) aérodynamique
aerodynamic drag = traînée (f.)
aerodynamic profile = profil (m.) aérodynamique
aerodynamic resistance = résistance (f.) à l'air
aerodynamic resistance = résistance (f.) aérodynamique
aerodynamic shape = forme (f.) aérodynamique
aerosol = aérosol (m.)
aerosol dispenser = aérosol (m.)
aerosol dispenser = atomiseur (m.)
aerosol dispenser = bombe (f.)
AES = => acrylo-nitrile ethylene rubber styrene
AES = => active exhaust system
AET = => advanced emissions test
AF = => across flats
AF = => air-fuel
AF = => alternative frequencies
AF = => audio frequency
AFA = => audio-frequency amplifier
AFB = => anti-friction bearing
AFC = => air-flow control
AFC = => automatic frequency control
AFI = => air-forced injection
AFI = => air-supported fuel injection
AFM = => air-flow meter
AFM = => air-fuel mixture
AFM = => anti-friction metal
AFR = => air-fuel ratio
AFS = => active footwork system
AFS = => active front steering
AFS = => air-flow sensor
AFS = => air-flow system
aft cross member = traverse (f.) arrière
afterburning = combustion (f.) postérieure
aftercooler = radiateur (m.) secondaire
aftercooler = refroidisseur (m.) secondaire
aftercooling = refroidissement (m.) intermédiaire
afterdribble = égoutter
afterinjection = injection (f.) postérieure
afteropening = admission (f.) retardée
afterrun = marcher à auto-allumage
aftertreatment = traitement (m.) postérieux
age = vieillir
ageing = vieillissement (m.)
ageing resistance = immunité (f.) au vieillissement
ageing resistance = résistance (f.) au vieillissement
ageing stability = résistance (f.) au vieillissement
ageing tendency = susceptibilité (f.) de vieillisement
ageing-resistant = immun au vieillissement
ageing-resistant = résistant au vieillissement
agent = agent (m.)
agent = composé (m.) d'addition
agent = produit (m.) additif
aging = vieillissement (m.)
aging resistance = immunité (f.) au vieillissement
aging resistance = résistance (f.) au vieillissement
aging stability = résistance (f.) au vieillissement
aging tendency = susceptibilité (f.) de vieillisement
aging-resistant = immun au vieillissement
aging-resistant = résistant au vieillissement
agricultural tractor = tracteur (m.) agricole
agricultural vehicle = véhicule (m.) agraire
AGS = => adaptive gearbox system
AGS = => automatic gear selection
AGT = => advanced gas turbine
AH = => active handling
AHAP = => as high as possible
AHARA = => as high as reasonably achievable
ahead gear = marche (f.) avant
ahead gear = vitesse (f.) avant
AHR = => active head restraint
AI = => air injection
AI = => artificial intelligence
AI = => auto ignition
AICC = => automatic intelligent cruise control
AICC = => autonomous intelligent cruise control
AIFC = => air-fuel control
AIM = => automotive industrial motor
AIN = => assembly-identification number
AIR = => average-injection rate
air (subst.) = air (m.)
air (verb) = aérer
air (verb) = ventiler
air baffle = déflecteur (m.) d'air
air baffle = tôle (f.) chicane d'air
air bag = airbag (m.)
air bag = sac (m.) gonflable
air bellows = coussin (m.) d'air
air bellows = coussin (m.) pneumatique
air bleed = ajutage (m.) d'air
air bleed = injecteur (m.) d'air
air bleeder = aérateur (f.)
air bleeder = douille (f.) d'échappement
air bleeder = douille (f.) de purge
air bleeding = aération (f.)
air bleeding = dégazage (m.)
air bleeding = désaération (f.)
air booster = servo (m.) à air comprimé du frein
air box = prise (f.) d'air
air brake system = frein (m.) à air comprimé
air brake system = frein (m.) pneumatique
air breathing = aération (f.)
air breathing = dégazage (m.)
air breathing = désaération (f.)
air bubble = ampoule (f.)
air bubble = bulle (f.) d'air
air bubble = poche (m.) d'air, soufflure (f.)
air cell = chambre (f.) à air
air cell = réservoir (m.) à air
air chamber = chambre (f.) à air
air chamber = réservoir (m.) à air
air charge = charge (f.) d'air
air charge = charge (f.) de cylindre
air choke = diffuseur (m.)
air choke = tube (m.) d'émulsion
air choke = tube (m.) de mélangeur
air circulation = circulation (f.) d'air
air cleaner = épurateur (m.) d'air
air cleaner = filtre (m.) à air
air compressor = compresseur (m.) d'air
air compressor = compresseur-gonfleur (m.)
air conditioner = climatisation (f.)
air conditioner = climatiseur (m.)
air conditioner = conditionnement (m.) d'air,
air conditioning = climatisation (f.)
air conditioning = climatiseur (m.)
air conditioning = conditionnement (m.) d'air,
air consumption = consommation (f.) d'air
air contamination = pollution (f.) atmosphérique
air contamination = pollution (f.) de l'air
air control = pilotage (m.) à l'air comprimé
air control = réglage (m.) à air comprimé
air cooler = radiateur (m.) à air
air cooler = radiateur (m.) d'air
air cooling = refroidissement (m.) à air
air cooling = refroidissement (m.) par air
air current = air (m.) de vent
air current = vent (m.) relatif
air cushion = coussin (m.) d'air
air cushion = coussin (m.) pneumatique
air deflector = déflecteur (m.) d'air
air deflector = tôle (f.) chicane d'air
air density = imperméabilité (f.) à l'air
air diffuser = distributeur (m.) d'air
air distributer = distributeur (m.) d'air
air draft = appel (m.) d'air
air draft = courant (m.) d'air
air draught = appel (m.) d'air
air draught = courant (m.) d'air
air dryer = dessicateur (m.)
air duct = canal (m.) d'air
air duct = conduit (m.) d'air
air excess = air (m.) en excès
air excess = air (m.) excessif
air excess = excès (m.) d'air
air filter = épurateur (m.) d'air
air filter = filtre (m.) à air
air flow = air (m.) de vent
air flow = courant (m.) d'air
air funnel = canal (m.) d'air
air funnel = conduit (m.) d'air
air gap = entrefer (m.)
air gap = ouïe (f.)
air grill = bouche (f.) d'air
air hammer = boulonneuse (f.) pneumatique
air hammer = cloche (f.) à air
air heating = aérotherme (f.)
air horn = avertisseur (m.) pneumatique
air horn = klaxon (m.) pneumatique
air horn = trompette (f.) à air
air hose = manche (f.) à air
air hose = tuyau (m.) à air
air hose = tuyau (m.) d'air
air humidity = humidité (f.) atmosphérique
air humidity = humidité (f.) de l'air
air induction = admission (f.) d'air
air induction = entrée (f.) d'air
air injection = injection (f.) d'air
air inlet = admission (f.) d'air
air inlet = entrée (f.) d'air
air intake = admission (f.) d'air
air intake = entrée (f.) d'air
air jet = buse (f.) d'air
air leak = fuite (f.) d'air
air leakage = air (m.) parasite
air leakage = fuite (f.) d'air
air lock = poche (m.) d'air
air passage = passage (m.) d'air
air permeability = perméabilité (f.) à l'air
air pocket = poche (m.) d'air
air pollution = pollution (f.) atmosphérique
air pollution = pollution (f.) de l'air
air pressure = pression (f.) d'air
air pump = gonfleur (m.) de pneu
air pump = pompe (f.) à air
air radiator = radiateur (m.) à air
air radiator = radiateur (m.) d'air
air reservoir = réservoir (m.) à air comprimé
air resistance = résistance (f.) à l'air
air resistance = résistance (f.) aérodynamique
air resistance = traînée (f.)
air scoop = fente (f.) d'aération
air scoop = fente (f.) de ventilation
air slot = fente (f.) d'aération
air slot = fente (f.) de ventilation
air strainer = épurateur (m.) d'air
air strainer = filtre (m.) à air
air stream = air (m.) de vent
air stream = vent (m.) relatif
air suspension = suspension (f.) pneumatique
air swirl = turbulence (f.) d'air
AIR system = => air-injection reaction system
air temperature = température (f.) de l'air
air tire = chambre (f.) à air
air trap = coussin (m.) d'air
air trap = poche (m.) d'air
air turbulence = turbulence (f.) d'air
air tyre = chambre (f.) à air
air vacuum = vide
air valve = soupape (f.) d'air
air valve = valve (f.) d'air
air vent = ouverture (f.) d'aération
air vent = trou (m.) d'air
air ventilation = aérage (m.)
air ventilation = aération (f.)
air vessel = réservoir (m.) à air comprimé
air-actuated = à commande pneumatique
air-actuated = pneumatique
air-adjusting screw = vis (f.) de réglage d'air
air-aspiration pressure = pression (f.) d'aspiration
air-bag gas generator = gazogène (m.)
air-bleed nipple = aérateur (f.)
air-bleed nipple = douille (f.) d'échappement
air-bleed nipple = douille (f.) de purge
air-bleed opening = ouverture (f.) d'aération
air-bleed opening = trou (m.) d'air
air-bleed system = désaérateur (m.)
air-bleed system = prise (f.) d'air
air-bleed system = séparateur (m.) d'air
air-bleed valve = soupape (f.) d'aération
air-bleed valve = soupape (f.) d'échappement d'air
air-bleeder screw = vis (f.) de purge d'air
air-bleeder screw = vis (f.) de sortie d'air
air-bleeder valve = soupape (f.) d'aération
air-bleeder valve = soupape (f.) d'échappement d'air
air-breather line = conduite (f.) de purge
air-breather line = conduite (f.) de ventilation
air-breather pipe = tube (m.) reniflard
air-breather pipe = tuyau (m.) de purge
air-breather valve = soupape (f.) d'aération
air-breather valve = soupape (f.) d'échappement d'air
air-control valve = clapet (m.) d'air
air-control valve = soupape (f.) d'air
air-control valve = valve (f.) d'air
air-cooled = refroidi par air
air-cooled engine = moteur (m.) à refroidissement par air
air-cooled engine = moteur (m.) refroidi à l'air
air-cushion vehicle = véhicule (m.) sur coussin d'air
air-evacuating valve = soupape (f.) d'aération
air-evacuating valve = valve (f.) de respiration
air-filter inlet muffler = silencieux (m.) d'admission
air-filter inlet silencer = silencieux (m.) d'admission
air-filter intake muffler = silencieux (m.) d'admission
air-filter intake silencer = silencieux (m.) d'admission
air-flow measurement = mesure (f.) d'aération
air-flow rate = débit (m.) d'air d'admission
air-fuel mixture = mélange (m.) air-carburant
air-fuel ratio = rapport (m.) air-carburant
air-fuel ratio = rapport (m.) d'air
air-inlet flap = clapet (m.) d'aération
air-inlet flap = clapet (m.) de ventilation
air-inlet flap = volet (m.) trappe
air-inlet muffler = silencieux (m.) de filtre à air
air-inlet pressure = pression (f.) d'admission
air-inlet silencer = silencieux (m.) de filtre à air
air-inlet speed = vitesse (f.) d'admission d'air
air-inlet tube = tubulure (f.) d'admission d'air
air-inlet tube = tuyau (m.) d'admission d'air
air-inlet valve = abattant (m.) de prise d'air
air-intake flap = clapet (m.) d'aération
air-intake flap = clapet (m.) de ventilation
air-intake flap = volet (m.) trappe
air-intake muffler = silencieux (m.) de filtre à air
air-intake silencer = silencieux (m.) de filtre à air
air-intake speed = vitesse (f.) d'admission d'air
air-intake tube = tubulure (f.) d'admission d'air
air-intake tube = tuyau (m.) d'admission d'air
air-operated = à commande pneumatique
air-operated = pneumatique
air-operated brake system = frein (m.) à air comprimé
air-operated brake system = frein (m.) pneumatique
air-over hydraulic brake system = servofrein (m.) hydropneumatique
air-pressure gage = indicateur (m.) de pression d'air
air-pressure gage = manomètre (m.) à air
air-pressure gauge = indicateur (m.) de pression d'air
air-pressure gauge = manomètre (m.) à air
air-pressure sensor = capteur (m.) de pression de l'air
air-proof = étanche à l'air
air-proof = imperméable à l'air
air-regulating screw = vis (f.) de réglage d'air
air-relief line = conduite (f.) de purge
air-relief line = conduite (f.) de ventilation
air-relief pipe = tube (m.) reniflard
air-relief pipe = tuyau (m.) de purge
air-speed indicator = anémographe (f.)
air-spring bellows = coussin (m.) d'air
air-spring bellows = coussin (m.) pneumatique
air-spring diaphragm = diaphragme (m.) en caoutchouc
air-storage reservoir = chambre (f.) à réserve d'air
air-temperature sensor = sonde (f.) de température d'air
air-temperature sensor = sonde (f.) thermique d'air
air-tight = étanche à l'air
air-tight = imperméable à l'air
air-vent line = conduite (f.) de purge
air-vent line = conduite (f.) de ventilation
air-vent screw = vis (f.) de purge d'air
air-vent screw = vis (f.) de sortie d'air
air-vent valve = soupape (f.) d'aération
air-vent valve = valve (f.) de respiration
AIS = => automatic idle-speed motor
AIS = => automatic interference suppression
AITE = => actual indicated thermal efficiency
AIV system = => air-induction valve system
AKI = => anti-knock index
AL = => abnormal load
ALAP = => as low as possible
ALARA = => as low as reasonable achievable
alarm = alarme (f.)
alarm = avertissement (m.)
alarm signal = alarme (f.)
alarm signal = avertissement (m.)
alarm signal = signal (m.) d'alarme
alarm switch = contacteur (m.) d'alarme
alarm system = dispositif (m.) d'alarme
alarm system = dispositif (m.) de sécurité
alarm system = mécanisme (m.)
ALB = => anti-lock brake
ALB = => anti-lock brakes
ALC = => adaptive light control
ALC = => automatic level control
alcohol = alcool (m.)
ALDC = => after lower dead center
align = aligner
align = dégauchir
aligner = marbre (m.)
alignment = alignement (m.)
alignment = dégauchissage (m.)
alignment plate = plaque (f.) de glissement
alignment plate = plateau (m.) coulissant
alimentation = alimentation (f.)
alimentation = refoulement (m.)
all-aluminium = tout aluminium
all-aluminum = tout aluminium
all-purpose spanner = pince (f.) universelle
all-purpose wrench = pince (f.) universelle
all-risk insurance = assurance (f.) casco intégrale
all-season tire = pneu (m.) toute saison
all-season tyre = pneu (m.) toute saison
all-speed governor = régulateur (m.) toutes vitesses
all-steel = tout acier
all-synchromesh gearbox = boîte (f.) à prises synchronisée
all-synchromesh gearbox = boîte (f.) synchronisée
all-synchromesh transmission = boîte (f.) à prises synchronisée
all-synchromesh transmission = boîte (f.) synchronisée
all-terrain vehicle = voiture (f.) tout-terrain
all-wheel drive = propulsion (f.) de toutes les roues
all-wheel drive = traction (f.) sur toutes les roues
alligator clip = pince (f.) crocodile
allowance = jeu (m.) admissible
allowance = marge (f.) de tolérance
allowance = tolérance (f.) d'acceptation
alloy (adj.) = allié
alloy (subst.) = alliage (m.)
alloy cylinder head = culasse (f.) en alliage léger
alloy piston = piston (m.) en alliage léger
alloy steel = acier (m.) spécial
alphabetic = alphabetique
ALR = => automatic locking retractor
ALS = => automatic levelling system
ALS = => anti-lock system
ALT = => alternator
alternating = alternatif
alternating current = courant (m.) alternatif
alternating load = charge (f.) variable
alternating load = effort (m.) alternatif
alternating voltage = tension (f.) alternative
alternating-current dynamo = alternateur (m.)
alternating-current dynamo = dynamo (f.) à courant alternatif
alternating-current generator = génératrice (f.) à courant alternatif
alternating-current motor = moteur (m.) à courant alternatif
alternation = variation (f.) de vitesse
alternator = alternateur (m.)
alternator = dynamo (f.) à courant alternatif
alternator = génératrice (f.)
alternator armature = armature (f.) de dynamo
alternator bracket = fixation (f.) de la dynamo
alternator bracket = support (m.) d'alternateur
alternator drive belt = courroie (f.) de commande de l'alternateur
alternator drive belt = courroie (f.) de l'alternateur
alternator pulley = poulie (f.) d'alternateur
alternator test bench = banc (m.) d'essai du générateur
alternator test bench = contrôleur (m.) de génératrice
alternator with integral regulator = alternateur (m.) à régulateur incorporé
alternator-charging control light = indicateur (m.) de charge
alternator-charging control light = témoin (m.) de charge
altimeter = => altitude meter
altitude compensator = correcteur (m.) altimétrique
aluminium = aluminium (m.)
aluminium alloy = alliage (m.) d'aluminium
aluminium body = caisse (f.) en aluminium
aluminium body = carrosserie (f.) en aluminium
aluminium casting = coulage (m.) d'aluminium
aluminium rim = jante (f.) en aluminium
aluminium sheet = tôle (f.) en aluminium
aluminium strip = feuillard (m.) d'aluminium
aluminium wheel = roue (f.) en alliage léger
aluminium wheel = roue (f.) en aluminium
aluminum = aluminium (m.)
aluminum alloy = alliage (m.) d'aluminium
aluminum body = caisse (f.) en aluminium
aluminum body = carrosserie (f.) en aluminium
aluminum casting = coulage (m.) d'aluminium
aluminum rim = jante (f.) en aluminium
aluminum sheet = tôle (f.) en aluminium
aluminum strip = feuillard (m.) d'aluminium
aluminum wheel = roue (f.) en alliage léger
aluminum wheel = roue (f.) en aluminium
AM = => aftermarket
AM = => amplitude modulation
AM = => automatic/manual
ambient air = air (m.) ambiant
ambient air = air (m.) atmosphérique
ambient temperature = température (f.) ambiante
ambulance = ambulance (f.)
ammeter = ammètre (m.)
ammeter = ampèremètre (m.)
AMMTR = => ampere meter
AMP = => amperage
amperage = ampérage (m.)
amperage = intensité (f.) en ampères
ampere = ampère (m.)
ampere-hour = ampère-heure (m.)
ampere-second = ampère-seconde (m.)
AMPHIB = => amphibian vehicle
amphibian = flottable
amphibian vehicle = amphibie (m.)
amphibian vehicle = véhicule (m.) amphibie
amphibian vehicle = voiture (f.) amphibie
amphibious vehicle = amphibie (m.)
amphibious vehicle = véhicule (m.) amphibie
amphibious vehicle = voiture (f.) amphibie
AMPHTRK = => amphibian truck
amplification = amplification (f.)
amplification = asservissement (m.)
amplification = assistance (f.)
amplifier = amplificateur (m.)
amplify = amplifier
amplitude = amplitude (f.)
amplitude = taux (m.)
amplitude limiter = séparateur (m.) d'amplitude
amplitude modulation = modulation (f.) d'amplitude
amplitude regulation = réglage (m.) d'amplitude
AMS = => autogas-management system
AMT = => amount
AMT = => automatic mechanical transmission
analog = analogique
analog clock = montre (f.) analogue
analog indication = affichage (m.) analogique
analog network = couplage (m.) analogique
analog network = montage (m.) analogique
analog-digital converter = convertisseur (m.) analogique-numérique
analogue = analogique
analogue clock = montre (f.) analogue
analogue indication = affichage (m.) analogique
analogue network = couplage (m.) analogique
analogue network = montage (m.) analogique
analogue-digital converter = convertisseur (m.) analogique-numérique
analyser = analyseur (m.)
analysis = analyse (f.)
analyzer = analyseur (m.)
anatomic = anatomique
ANC = => at no extra costs
anchor bolt = boulon (m.) d'ancrage
anchor bracket = support (m.) d'ancrage
anchor current = courant (m.) d'induit
anchor current = flux (m.) d'induit
anchor field = champ (m.) d'armature
anchor field = champ (m.) de l'induit
anchor pin = axe (m.) d'ancrage
anchor pin = point (m.) fixe
anchor strut = rochet (m.)
anchor support = support (m.) d'ancrage
anchor winding = bobinage (m.) d'induit
anchor winding = enroulement (m.) de l'induit
anchorage bolt = vis (f.) d'ancrage
anchorage bushing = douille (f.) d'ancrage
anchorage bushing = douille (f.) de fixation
anchorage plate = contreplaque (f.)
anchorage plate = plaque (f.) d'ancrage
anchorage plate = plaque (f.) de base
anchorage point = ancrage (m.)
anchorage point = point (m.) d'ancrage
anchorage point = point (m.) de fixation
anechoic = insonore
anemometer = anémographe (f.)
angle = angle (m.)
angle bar = cornière (f.)
angle bar = fer (m.) cornière
angle bar = fer (m.) d'angle
angle between cranks = angle (m.) de vilebrequin
angle bracket = cornière (f.)
angle contact bearing = palier (m.) porteur de butée
angle contact bearing = roulement (m.) à contact oblique
angle gage = rapporteur (m.) d'angle
angle gauge = rapporteur (m.) d'angle
angle iron = cornière (f.)
angle iron = fer (m.) cornière
angle iron = fer (m.) d'angle
angle joint = assemblage (m.) angulaire
angle of approach = angle (m.) d'approche
angle of approach = angle (m.) d'attaque
angle of attack = angle (m.) d'approche
angle of attack = angle (m.) d'attaque
angle of departure = angle (m.) de fuite
angle of gradient = angle (m.) d'inclinaison
angle of gradient = gradient (m.) d'angle
angle of impact = angle (m.) d'impact
angle of inclination = angle (m.) d'inclinaison
angle of inclination = angle (m.) de fuite
angle of rotation = obliquité (f.)
angle of view = angle (m.) de vision
angle of view = angle (m.) visuel
angle section = cornière (f.)
angle tightening = déplacement (m.) angulaire
angle tightening = rotation (f.) angulaire
angled spanner = clé (f.) coudée
angled wrench = clé (f.) coudée
angular acceleration = accélération (f.) angulaire
angular acceleration = accélération (f.) de rotation
angular bracket = équerre-support (f.)
angular bracket = support (m.) en équerre
angular deceleration = décélération (f.) angulaire
angular deceleration = décélération (f.) de rotation
angular displacement = déplacement (m.) angulaire
angular drive = commande (f.) angulaire
angular gear = pignon (m.) conique
angular gear = pignon (m.) d'angle
angular gear = roue (f.) conique
angular lever = levier (m.) angulaire
angular lever = levier (m.) coudé
angular sheet = cornière (f.)
angular speed = vitesse (f.) angulaire
angular transmission = renvoi (m.) d'angle
angular transmission = transmission (f.) angulaire
angular-contact bearing = palier (m.) porteur de butée
angular-contact bearing = roulement (m.) à contact
animal grease = graisse (f.) animale
animal oil = huile (f.) animale
anneal = adoucir
anneal = brûler
anneal = recuire
annual costs = frais (m.
annual costs = pl.) annuels
annual fuel consumption = consommation (f.) annuelle
annular = annulaire
annular float = flotteur (m.) annulaire
annular gear = couronne (f.) dentée
annular gear = roue (f.) annulaire
annular groove = rainure (f.) annulaire
annular groove = rainure (f.) circulaire
annular jet = injecteur (m.) à jet annulaire
annular ring = couronne (f.) dentée
annular ring = roue (f.) annulaire
annular spring = bague-ressort (f.)
annular spring = ressort (m.) annulaire
annular valve = soupape (f.) à champignon
annulus = couronne (f.) dentée
annulus = roue (f.) annulaire
anode = anode (f.)
anode = électrode (f.) positive
ANS = => active noise system
ANS = => anti-noise system
ANT = => antenna
antagonistic spring = contreressort (m.)
antechamber = antichambre (f.)
antenna = aérien (m.)
antenna = antenne (f.)
antenna connection = borne (f.) d'antenne
antenna pick-up = bruit (m.) d'antenne
anti-acid = anti-acide
anti-acid = résistant à l'acide
anti-acid = résistant aux acides
anti-acid additive = additif (m.) anti-acide
anti-acid additive = agent (m.) anti-acide
anti-block brake system = anti-enrayeur (m.)
anti-block brake system = dispositif (m.) anti-enrayeur
anti-block system = anti-enrayeur (m.)
anti-block system = dispositif (m.) anti-enrayeur
anti-clockwise direction = sens (m.) contraire des aiguilles d' une montre
anti-clockwise direction = sens (m.) antihoraire
anti-clockwise rotation = sens (m.) antihoraire
anti-clockwise rotation = sens (m.) contraire des aiguilles d' une montre
anti-clockwise rotation = rotation (f.) dans le sens antihoraire
anti-clockwise rotation = rotation (f.) dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d'une montre
anti-corrosion additive = additif (m.) anticorrosif
anti-corrosion additive = additif (m.) antirouille
anti-corrosion additive = agent
anti-corrosion agent = agent (m.) d'antirouille
anti-corrosion agent = inhibiteur (m.) de corrosion
anti-corrosion primer = peinture (f.) d'apprêt
anti-corrosion primer = peinture (f.) de fond
anti-corrosion treatment = traitement (m.) anticorrosif
anti-corrosion treatment = traitement (m.) antirouille
anti-dazzle = anti-éblouissant
anti-dazzle rearview mirror = rétroviseur (m.) anti-éblouissant
anti-dazzle rearview mirror = rétroviseur (m.) code
anti-detonation additive = indétonant (m.)
anti-dive = valve (f.) anti-plongée
anti-dive suspension = suspension (f.) à compensation du couple de freinage
anti-foam additive = additif (m.) antimousse
anti-foam additive = agent (m.) antimousse
anti-freeze = antigel (m.)
anti-freeze = produit (m.) antigel
anti-freeze agent = antigel (m.)
anti-freeze agent = produit (m.) antigel
anti-freeze meter = densimètre (m.)
anti-freeze meter = pèse-antigel (m.)
anti-friction bearing = roulement (m.) à cylindres
anti-friction bearing = roulement (m.) à galets
anti-friction layer = antifriction (m.)
anti-friction metal = antifriction (m.)
anti-friction metal = métal (m.) antifriction
anti-friction metal = métal (m.) blanc
anti-glare = anti-éblouissant
anti-icing additive = additif (m.) antigivre
anti-icing additive = agent (m.) antigivre
anti-icing additive = antigivre (m.)
anti-interference capacitor = condensateur (m.) antiparasite
anti-knock additive = additif (m.) antidétonant
anti-knock additive = agent (m.) antidétonant
anti-knock additive = antidétonant anti-knock rating : pouvoir (m.) antidétonant, valeur (f.) antidétonant
anti-lock braking system = anti-enrayeur (m.)
anti-lock braking system = dispositif (m.) anti-enrayeur
anti-mist cloth = chiffon (m.) antibué
anti-oxydation additive = additif (m.) anti-oxydant
anti-oxydation additive = anti-oxydant (m.)
anti-puff control = butée (f.) de surcharge
anti-puff control = limiteur (m.) de fumée
anti-rattle spring = amortisseur (m.) de vibration
anti-rattle spring = antivibrateur (m.)
anti-roll bar = barre (f.) antiroulis
anti-roll bar = barre (f.) stabilisante
anti-roll bar = stabilisateur (m.)
anti-rust = anticorrosif
anti-rust = antirouille inoxydable
anti-rust agent = produit (m.) anticorrosif
anti-rust agent = produit (m.) antirouille
anti-rust guarantee = garantie (f.) anticorrosion
anti-rust guarantee = garantie (f.) antirouille
anti-rust primer = peinture (f.) d'apprêt
anti-rust primer = peinture (f.) de fond
anti-rust primer = vernis (m.) de fond
anti-rust warranty = garantie (f.) anticorrosion
anti-rust warranty = garantie (f.) antirouille
anti-seize compound = graisse (f.) graphiteuse
anti-seize compound = lubrifiant (m.) graphité
anti-slip = résistant au glissement
anti-slip control = antidérapeur (m.) automatique
anti-slip control = régulateur (m.) du glissement à la traction
anti-slip properties = propriétés (f.
anti-slip properties = pl.) antidérapantes
anti-splash plate = déflecteur (m.) pare-boue
anti-squat rear suspension = suspension (f.) arrière à compensation du couple de démarrage
anti-start code = antidémarrage (m.) codé
anti-sway bar = barre (f.) antiroulis
anti-sway bar = barre (f.) stabilisante
anti-sway bar = stabilisateur (m.)
anti-theft device = antivol (m.)
anti-theft device = dispositif (m.) antivol
anti-tramp bar = bielle (f.) de suspension
anti-tramp bar = bras (m.) de guidage
AOA = => angle of attack
AOH = => air over hydraulic
AOS = => automatic overdrive
AOT = => automatic-overdrive transmission
AP = => accelerator pedal
AP = => as prescribed
AP = => as purchased
APC = => automatic performance control
APC = => automatic program control
APGP = => air-portable genaral purpose
APP = => accelerator-pedal position
apparatus = appareil (m.)
apparatus = dispositif (m.)
apparatus = machine (f.)
appearance defect = défaut (m.) d'aspect
appendix = annexe (f.)
appendix = appendice (f.)
application = affection (f.)
application = application (f.)
application = demande (f.)
apply = appliquer
apply a soapy solution = contrôler à l'eau savonneuse
approach angle = angle (m.) d'approche
approach angle = angle (m.) d'attaque
approval = certificat (m.) d'homologation
approval procedure = procédure (f.) d'homologation
approved oil = huile (f.) homologuée
APPROX = => approximately
appurtenance = outillage (m.)
appurtenance = outils (m.
appurtenance = pl.)
APS = => absolute-pressure sensor
APS = => atmospheric-pressure sensor
APS = => automatic program selection
APV = => all-purpose vehicle
AQL = => acceptable quality level
aqua planing = aquaplanage (m.)
aqua-planing tendency = tendance (f.) à l'aquaplaning
ARC = => adaptive-ride control
ARC = => automatic-ride control
arc = arc (m.) de cercle
arc welding = soudage (m.) à l'arc
arched-head piston = piston (m.) à fond bombé
arched-head piston = piston (m.) à tête bombée
area = aire (f.)
area = face (f.)
area = superface (f.), zone (f.)
areometer = acidimètre (m.)
areometer = densimètre (m.)
areometer = pèse-acide (m.)
ARG = => autonomous road guidance
ARI = => auto-radio information
arithmetic operation = opération (f.) arithmétique
arm = bras (m.)
arm rest = accoudoir (m.)
arm rest = tablette (f.) d'appui
armature = armature (f.)
armature = induit (m.)
armature arm = bras (m.) d'ancrage
armature bearing = roulement (m.) d'induit
armature core = noyau (m.) d'armature
armature core = noyau (m.) d'induit
armor (subst.) = armature (f.)
armor (subst.) = armement (m.)
armor (subst.) = blindage (m.)
armor (verb) = blinder
armor (verb) = cuirasser
armored = armé
armored hose = tuyau (m.) armé
armored vehicle = char (m.) blindé
armored vehicle = véhicule (m.) blindé
armour (subst.) = armature (f.)
armour (subst.) = armement (m.)
armour (subst.) = blindage (m.)
armour (verb) = blinder
armour (verb) = cuirasser
armoured = armé
armoured hose = tuyau (m.) armé
armoured vehicle = char (m.) blindé
armoured vehicle = véhicule (m.) blindé
army truck = camion (m.) militaire
army vehicle = véhicule (m.) militaire
army vehicle = voiture (f.) militaire
aromatic hydrocarbons = hydrocarbures (m.
aromatic hydrocarbons = pl.) aromatiques
aromatics = aromatiques (m.
aromatics = pl.)
arrangement = disposition (f.)
arrangement = installation (f.)
arrest = arrêter
arrester = arrêt (m.)
arrester = butte (f.)
arrester = limiteur (m.)
arresting lever = levier (m.) d'arrêt
ARS = => advanced restraint system
ARS = => automatic recirculation system
article = article (m.)
article number = code (m.) d'application
articulated = orientable
articulated bus = autobus (m.) articulé
articulated bus = bus (m.) articulé
articulated jack = cric (m.) articulé
articulated lever = levier (m.) articulé
ARTS = => adaptive restraint techynology system
AS = => acrylo nitrile styrene
AS = => active steering
AS = => active suspension
AS = => air suction
AS = => automatic shift
ASB = => anti-skid bendix
asbestos = amiante (m.)
asbestos = cuir (m.) de montagne
asbestos gasket = garniture (f.) d'amiante
asbestos gasket = garniture (f.) en amiante
asbestos gasket = joint (m.) en
asbestos ring = rondelle (f.) d'amiante
ASBS = => anti-skid brake system
ASBS = => anti-slip brake system
ASC = => acceleration-skid control
ASC = => acceleration-spin control
ASC = => active skid control
ASC = => adaptive suspension control
ASC = => anti-slip control
ASC = => automatic skid control
ASC = => automatic stability control
ASC = => automatic suspension control
ASC+T = => active skid control + traction
ASC+T = => automatic stability control + traction
ASCD = => automatic speed-control device
ascending movement = ascente (f.)
ascending stroke = montée (f.)
ASD = => anti-skid device
ASD = => automatic slip-control differential
ASDM = => air-bag system diagnostic module
ash = cendre (f.)
ash = cendres (f.
ash = pl.)
ash content = teneur (f.) en cendre
ash receptacle = cendrier (m.)
ash tray = cendrier (m.)
ASL = => automatic sound levelling
ASMS = => automotive-stability management system
aspect = aspect (m.)
aspect = contour (m.) en vue
aspect ratio = rapport (m.) hauteur/largeur
aspect ratio = rapport (m.) nominal d'aspect
aspirate = amorcer
aspirate = aspirer
aspirated air = air (m.) d'admission
aspirated air = air (m.) d'aspiration
aspiration = aspiration (f.)
aspiration = respiration (f.)
aspirator = aspirateur (m.)
ASR = => acceleration-skid reduction
ASR = => anti-slip regulation
ASR = => anti-spin regulation
ASR = => automatic suspension regulator
ASS = => anti-skid system
ASS = => anti-spin system
assemblage = montage (m.)
assemblage = monture (f.)
assemble = assembler
assemble = monter
assembling = montage (m.)
assembling = monture (f.)
assembling clearance = jeu (m.) de montage
assembling line = courroie (f.) de transport
assembling line = tapis (m.) roulant
assembly = assemblage (m.)
assembly = ensemble (m.) complet
assembly = groupe (m.)
assembly clearance = jeu (m.) de montage
assembly jig = appareil (m.) de montage
assembly jig = tableau (m.) de montage
assembly line = courroie (f.) de transport
assembly line = tapis (m.) roulant
assembly sequence = ordre (m.) de montage
assembly stand = appareil (m.) de montage
assembly stand = tableau (m.) de montage
assist (subst.) = moyen (m.)
assist (verb) = amplifier
assistance = aide (f.)
assistance = secours (m.)
ASSYST = => active servive system
ASTC = => advanced stability and traction control
ASV = => air-suction valve
ASV = => air-switching valve
ASVT = => aluminium-structured vehicle technology
asymmetric = asymétrique
AT = => all-terrain
AT = => automatic transaxle
AT = => automatic transmission
AT = => autothermic
ATA = => anti-theft alarm
ATA = => absolute atmosphere
ATC = => automatic temperature control
ATC = => automatic traction control
ATC = => automatic tuning control
ATDC = => after-top dead center
ATDC = => after-top dead centre
ATE = => automated test equipment
ATF = => automatic-transaxle fluid
ATF = => automatic-transmission fluid
ATI = => advanced turbo intercooling
ATM = => automatic transmission
ATMOS = => atmospheric
atmospheric air = air (m.) ambiant
atmospheric air = air (m.) atmosphérique
atmospheric conditions = conditions (f.
atmospheric conditions = pl.) atmosphériques
atmospheric conditions = état (m.) atmosphérique
atmospheric corrosion = corrosion (f.) atmosphérique
atmospheric density = imperméabilité (f.) à l'air
atmospheric engine = moteur (m.) à aspiration naturelle
atmospheric engine = moteur (m.) atmosphérique
atmospheric humidity = humidité (f.) atmosphérique
atmospheric humidity = humidité (f.) de l'air
atmospheric pressure = pression (f.) atmosphérique
atmospheric pressure = pression (f.) barométrique
ATO = => pressure above atmospheric pressure
atomisation = atomisation (f.)
atomisation = carburation (f.)
atomiser = atomiseur (m.)
atomiser = disperseur (m.)
atomization = atomisation (f.)
atomization = carburation (f.)
atomizer = atomiseur (m.)
atomizer = disperseur (m.)
ATP = => automatic-transmission parking
ATS = => air-temperature sensor
attach = attacher
attaching bolt = boulon (m.) d'assemblage
attaching bolt = boulon (m.) de fixation
attaching bolt = boulon (m.) de
attaching bracket = cornière (f.) de fixation
attaching flange = flasque (m.) de fixation
attaching nipple = douille (f.) de raccord
attaching nipple = embout (m.)
attaching nut = écrou (m.) de fixation
attaching spring = plaque-ressort (f.)
attachment = ancrage (m.)
attachment = attache (f.)
attack = corroder
attack = piquer
attention! = attention!
attention! = prudence!
attenuate = affaiblir
attenutation constant = rapport (m.) d'amortissement
attitude angle = angle (m.) de dérive
attitude angle = position (f.)
attraction force = force (f.) attractive
attraction force = force (f.) d'attraction
ATTS = => active torque-transfer system
ATV = => all-terrain vehicle
ATX = => automatic transaxle
audible = acoustique
audible = audible
audible = sonore
audible signal = avertissement (m.) acoustique
audible warning device = avertisseur (m.) sonore
audible warning device = klaxon (m.) à une seul son
audible warning signal = signal (m.) d'avertissement
audible wear indicator = indicateur (m.) d'usure acoustique
audio frequency = audiofréquence (f.)
audio frequency = fréquence (f.) acoustique
audiometer = audiomètre (m.)
audiometer = mesureur (m.) de bruit
audiometer = sonomètre (m.)
AUT = => automatic
authorised speed = vitesse (f.) admissible
authorised speed = vitesse (f.) autorisée
AUTO = => autogenous
AUTO = => automatic
AUTO = => automobile
auto-choke = volet (m.) de départ automatique
auto-ignition = ignition (f.) spontanée
auto-ignition = inflammation (f.) spontanée
auto-ignition ping = cliquetis (m.) par auto-allumage
auto-induction = induction (f.) propre
auto-induction = self-induction (f.)
auto-lift = hayon (m.) élévateur
auto-lift = pont (m.) de levage
auto-lift = pont (m.) élévateur
autogenous welding = soudage (m.) à l'autogène
automatic = automatique
automatic adjustment = ajustage (m.) automatique
automatic adjustment = calage (m.) automatique
automatic aerial = antenne (f.) à commande automatique
automatic aerial = antenne (f.) automatique
automatic antenna = antenne (f.) à commande automatique
automatic antenna = antenne (f.) automatique
automatic choke = volet (m.) de départ automatique
automatic clutch = embrayage (m.) automatique
automatic control = actionnement (m.) automatique
automatic control = commande (f.)
automatic coupling = attelage (m.) automatique
automatic coupling = sellette (f.) automatique
automatic differential = différentiel (m.) à autoblocage
automatic differential = différentiel (m.) à blocage automatique
automatic direction indicator = indicateur (m.) de direction à retour automatique
automatic flasher indicator = indicateur (m.) de direction à retour automatique
automatic gearbox = commande (f.) de transmission automatique
automatic ignition advance = avance (f.) automatique de l'allumage
automatic injection advance = régulateur (m.) d'avance
automatic injection advance = variateur (m.)
automatic injection control = régulateur (m.) d'avance
automatic injection control = variateur (m.)
automatic load-responsive regulating valve = répartiteur (m.) automatique
automatic load-sensing regulating valve = répartiteur (m.) automatique
automatic lubrication = graissage (m.) automatique
automatic safety belt = ceinture (f.) de sécurité à enrouleur
automatic safety belt = ceinture (f.)
automatic sound levelling = réglage (m.) du volume sonore
automatic stability control = antidérapeur (m.) automatique
automatic stability control = régulateur (m.) du glissement à la traction
automatic switch = disjoncteur (m.) automatique
automatic transmission = commande (f.) de transmission automatique
automatic tuning control = commande (f.) d'accord automatique de radio
automatic volume control = antifading (m.)
automatic volume control = réglage (m.) du volume sonore
automatic window regulator = vitres (f.
automatic window regulator = pl.) à commande automatique
automatic wipers = essuie-glace (f.) à retour automatique
automatic zero adjustment = rappel (m.) automatique
automatic-locking retractor = enrouleur (m.) autobloquant
automatic-locking retractor = rétracteur (m.) autobloquant
automatic-transmission fluid = liquide (f.) ATF
automatic-transmission fluid = liquide (f.) pour transmissions automatiques
automatic-transmission selector = présélecteur (m.) de vitesse
automobile = automobile (f.)
automobile constructor = constructeur (m.) d'automobiles
automobile engineering = génie (f.) automobile
automobile exposition = exposition (f.) d'automobiles
automobile exposition = salon (m.) automobile
automobile industries = commerce (m.) automobile
automobile manufacturer = fabricant (m.) d'automobiles
automobile race = course d'automobiles
automobile tax = vignette (f.) auto
automobile technician = ingénieur (m.) automobile
automotive engineering = technique (f.) automobile
automotive market = marché (m.) automobile
automotive market = marché (m.) de voitures
automotive vehicle = véhicule (m.) automobile
automotive vehicle = voiture (f.) automobile
autorised speed = vitesse (f.) admissible
autorised speed = vitesse (f.) autorisée
autorized speed = vitesse (f.) admissible
autorized speed = vitesse (f.) autorisée
autothermic piston = piston (m.) à plaquettes d'acier
autothermic piston = piston (m.) autothermique
AUX = => auxiliary
auxiliaries = groupe (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary = auxiliaire
auxiliary blower = ventilateur (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary brake = frein (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary device = appareil (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary device = appareil (m.) supplémentaire
auxiliary device = auxiliaire auxiliary frame : cadre (m.) auxiliaire, cadre (m.) porteur, châssis (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary drive = propulsion (f.) auxiliaire
auxiliary frame = châssis (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary frame = faux-châssis (m.)
auxiliary gearbox = boîte (f.) auxiliaire
auxiliary gearbox = boîte (f.) relais
auxiliary gearbox = démultiplicateur (m.)
auxiliary idler shaft = arbre (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary idler shaft = arbre (m.) de renvoi
auxiliary idler shaft = arbre (m.)
auxiliary jet = gicleur (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary jet = gicleur (m.) d'air de transition
auxiliary leaf spring = lame (f.) auxiliaire
auxiliary parts = auxiliaires (m.
auxiliary parts = pl.)
auxiliary pump = pompe (f.) auxiliaire
auxiliary range = gamme (f.) auxiliaire
auxiliary seat = siège (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary seat = siège (m.) de réserve
auxiliary seat = strapontin (m.)
auxiliary shaft = arbre (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary shaft = arbre (m.) intermédiaire
auxiliary spring = ressort (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary spring = ressort (m.) supplémentaire
auxiliary tools = outil (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary transmission = boîte (f.) de réduction
auxiliary transmission = boîte (f.) relais
auxiliary valve = soupape (f.) à bascule
auxiliary valve = soupape (f.) de décharge
auxiliary ventilator = ventilateur (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary winding = enroulement (m.) auxiliaire
auxiliary-shaft gear = pignon (m.) de l'arbre de renvoi
AV = => active ventilation
AV = => automatic variable transmission
AV = => average
avance = avance (f.)
AVC = => automatic volume control
AVE ECON = => average fuel economy
average (adj.) = moyen
average (subst.) = moyenne (f.)
average speed = moyenne (f.) horaire
AVG = => average
AVI = => active vibration isolation
AVL = => automatic vehicle location
AW = => alloy wheels
AWA = => anti-wear additive
AWD = => all-wheel drive
AWG = => American Wire Gage
AWR = => axle weight rating
AWS = => all-wheel steering
axial = axial
axial ball bearing = butée (f.) à billes
axial clearance = jeu (m.) axial
axial compressor = compresseur (m.) à flux axial
axial crankshaft bearing = butée (f.) de vilebrequin
axial force = commande (f.) par inertie
axial force = force (f.) axiale
axial lateral run-out = voilage (m.)
axial load = effort (m.) axial
axial movement = mouvement (m.) axial
axial needle bearing = butée (f.) à aiguilles
axial piston pump = pompe (f.) à pistons disposés en couronne
axial play = jeu (m.) axial
axial pressure = poussée (f.) axiale
axial pressure = pression (f.) axiale
axial pump = pompe (f.) axiale
axial roller bearing = butée (f.) à roulement
axial roller bearing = roulement (m.) axial
axial thrust = commande (f.) par inertie
axial thrust = poussée (f.)
axial-pivot steering = direction (f.) à fusées
axial-pivot steering = direction (f.) de la fusée d'essieu
axis = axe (m.)
axis = ligne (f.) axiale
axis = ligne (f.) centrale, ligne (f.) médiane
axis of symmetry = axe (m.) de symétrie
axle = essieu (m.)
axle = pont (m.)
axle = pont (m.) moteur
axle assembly = train (m.)
axle beam = centre (m.) de pont
axle beam = corps (m.) d'essieu
axle beam = corps (m.) de pont
axle bearing = palier (m.) d'essieu
axle bearing = support (m.) d'essieu
axle cap = cache-moyeu (m.)
axle cap = chapeau (m.) d'essieu
axle end = tourillon (m.) d'essieu
axle housing = centre (m.) de pont
axle housing = corps (m.) d'essieu
axle housing = corps (m.) de pont
axle journal = tourillon (m.) d'essieu
axle load = charge (f.) par essieu
axle load = poids (m.) par essieu
axle load = poids (m.) sur l'essieu
axle location = guidage (m.) de l'essieu
axle nut = écrou (m.) à souder
axle nut = écrou (m.) d'arbre
axle nut = écrou (m.) d'essieu
axle pressure = charge (f.) de l'essieu
axle pressure = charge (f.) par essieu
axle pressure = charge (f.) sur axle
axle shaft = arbre (m.) de roue
axle shaft = demi-arbre (m.)
axle shaft = demi-essieu (m.)
axle stand = chandelle (f.)
axle stand = support (m.) d'essieu
axle strut = chandelle (f.)
axle strut = support (m.) d'essieu
axle weight = charge (f.) de l'essieu
axle weight = charge (f.) par essieu
axle weight = charge (f.) sur l'essieu
axle-load compensation = égalisation (f.) de la charge des essieux
axle-load shift = report (m.) de la charge de l'essieu
axle-load transfer = report (m.) de la charge de l'essieu
AYC = => anti-yaw control