On the website WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM you will find information that can be purchased. The use of this website is subject to certain conditions. The owner of WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM is H. Wagenaar Humme¬linck (publisher: Uitgeverij Presse-Papier, Flieruilensteeg 7, 3514 BL Utrecht, Netherlands), hereinafter referred to as 'the Provider'. The Provider is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 30082639. If you have any questions, please contact the Provider at These conditions were last updated on September 14, 2011.

Article 1 - Contents of WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM
The information publicised on the website WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM was supplied solely by the Provider. The Provider is therefore the only person entitled to the complete contents.
Copying, distribution and other use of the text is prohibited, unless after explicit written permission of the Provider
The Provider cannot vouch for the correctness or completeness of the texts. They are for information purposes only. No rights can be derived from them.

The Provider reserves the right to change or remove content of WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM at any time, without prior warning.

It is prohibited to download the complete website or a substantial part of it with the aid of automated processes or special software.

Any action that could hamper the flawless functioning of the website is prohibited.

Article 2 - Registration on WWW.AUTODICTIO.COM
If you wish to access the contents of this website, you must register first. The Provider reserves the right to refuse the registration of a Requester without any explanation.

After accepting the registration, the Provider will supply the Requester with an account, which is linked to: 1] the e-mail address of the Requester, 2] a username, and 3] a password. The Requester must not disclose the password to anyone. The Provider is not responsible for misuse of the password. The Provider may assume that everything taking place from the account of the Requester happens under the responsibility of the Requester. If the Requester feels that an unauthorised user has gained access to his password, he must change his password as soon as possible. In this case the Requester is advised to contact the Provider via info@autodic¬ as soon as possible. The Provider will then take appropriate measures.

The Requester must inform the Provider of any changes in relevant contact data as soon as possible after their occurrence.

Article 3 – Maintenance and downtime
The Provider reserves the right to temporarily shut down the website or parts of it for maintenance, updating or improving the contents. In case of planned maintenance, the Provider will inform the users, on the homepage of the website, prior to shutting down the website.

Article 4 – Liability
The Provider cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by a temporary shutdown of the website, whether for maintenance, updating or improving the contents or as a result of circumstances beyond the Provider´s control. Circumstances beyond the Provider´s control include: 1] malfunction of the telecommunication infrastructure, 2] political unrest, 3] war and/or preparations for war, 4] internal faults in the company, and 5] fire and floods.

Article 5 – Duration, suspension and termination
The Provider and the Requester enter into a mutual agreement for a term of one year. This agreement will be renewed every year.

Article 6 – Modifications of the agreement
The Provider reserves the right to modify or update certain conditions of the agreement. These will take effect 30 days after publication on the website. However, this condition does not apply to minor changes.
The Provider reserves the right to transfer the agreement and all accompanying rights and obligations to a third party, if this party purchases the website from the Provider.

Article 7 – Final stipulations
This agreement will be governed by Dutch law.